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Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

To: Janet and Martina, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for stepping into the breach at the last minute and covering Zainab's Class. You are a superstar :-)

Debbie Ellson

To: Sarah Gubbins, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for doing such a marvellous job of creating Charles Darwin's Study :-)

Debbie Ellson

To: Paula Bates, Barley Croft Primary School

Paula - as always you are a superstar. Thank you for helping to bring up the writing bureau and take away the bob shelter xxxxx

Debbie Ellson

To: Hazel, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for coming in to Reception today to hear readers. Your support was very much appreciated.

Lynsey Thorne

To: KS1, Barley Croft Primary School

Thanks everyone for going that extra mile whilst we have staff absences! Whether it’s been an extra duty, changes last minute or just your usually cheerful selves! I feel really lucky to work with you all!

Rebecca Connolly

To: Karen Ashby, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you very much for covering my class this morning, so I could have my PPA. You are a star :)

Sami Kettle

To: Dr Passmore, St Luke’s Church of England School

I would like to thank Dr Passmore for nominating me for CoachBright. I am very grateful for this, as this will help me improve my grades hopefully for Science and/or Maths.

Jessica Selwyn

To: Miss Ascroft, South Failsworth Primary School

Thank you for inspiring Sam in all of his learning. He has told us about his topic the Romans every day since Christmas. He can't wait for the Castleshaw trip. He is extremely proud to have had praise for his writing and reading this week. Fantastic teacher.

To: Mrs Nott, Miss Haycock, Ms Norman and Mrs Lawton, St Marys Fields Primary School

What a week to have COVID! Thank you all for being amazing and sorting staffing, lunch changes and the never ending calls about COVID!! At least now we have all had it, we might have a good Spring/Summer :)

Jemma Linnell

To: Louise Hill, St Marys Fields Primary School

Well done on a tough week. It has seen many challenges, which we have faced as a team. Thank you for all the hard work!

Carl King

To: Clare Drew, St Marys Fields Primary School

Thank you for being an amazing team player and support for me this week.

Carl King

To: Caroline Tebbutt, St Marys Fields Primary School

Thank you for all the support over the last week and helping wherever has been needed. It has really been appreciated.

Carl King

To: Amanda Dakin, St Marys Fields Primary School

Thank you for being such a great support for me and for 4CK. We really appreciate all your help and doing whatever is needed to help!

Carl King

To: Rebecca Conolly, Barley Croft Primary School

I really appreciate all the hard work you are doing to support all pupils in Year 1/2 make good progress. You are embracing lots of the NCETM ideas and as a result, your kids will make excellent progress :-)

Debbie Ellson

To: Sarah Lord, King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

Thank you for being a super Deputy and holding the fort. You've been amazing.

Lorraine Marvelley

To: The Whole School, Barley Croft Primary School

Maisie has had a brilliant day. She loved meeting all the children and having lots of cuddles with the Staff. Thank you!

Rebecca Dulieu

To: Mr Pritchard, St Luke’s Church of England School

I would like to thank Mr Pritchard for boosting my confidence, when I was St Luke's.

To: Mrs Marie Hurst, St Marys Fields Primary School

"Have a fabulous weekend and thank you for all your hard work. It was a pleasure to work with your class today, they did you proud".

Helen Nott

To: Mr Lane-Saunders, South Failsworth Primary School

A massive thank you for all the fun, laughter and support you bring into Faith, Hope and Florrie's lives via After School and Holiday Club. They absolutely love attending these sessions and are full of praise for you, telling us you let them get really messy and even get messy with them. You are doing a brilliant job. Thank you and well done xxx

Deb Towey

To: Denise, Barley Croft Primary School

Denise, thank you for all your hard work. We really appreciate you. I know today has been a trickier Friday than usual. We are very greatful for your help and support, thank you 😊

Natalie Smith

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